You get access to Rockcampen capsite by buying a wristband in our entrance. The wristband will get you access to the Rockerdise-campsite as well.

  • Pre-booking is open
    First come, first served.-Until the campsite is full.
  • Cash only!

Check-InCheck-OutPrice (SEK)
Saturday 1 June⇒Sunday 10 June850:-/pers
Sunday 2 June⇒Sunday 10 June800:-/pers
Monday 3 June⇒Sunday 10 June750:-/pers
Tuesday 4 June⇒Sunday 10 June700:-/pers
Wednesday 5 June⇒Sunday 10 June650:-/pers
Thursday 6 June⇒Sunday 10 June600:-/pers
Friday 7 June⇒Sunday 10 June500:-/pers
Saturday 8 June⇒Sunday 10 June300:-/pers
Partytent, 3*3 meters costs 450 SEK.
Military tents are allowed (min 6 people)

Large tents, 9 sqm and larger, count as military tents

Pre-booking of 100 seats is available.
We release 3500 seats in the door.

OBS! Stove is Not allowed!