Presenting Lyrics of Latest Punjabi Single song titled Qismat, sung by Ammy Virk. This song is written by Jaani and music given by B Praak. It has published by Ditto Music. Qismat Lyrics - B Praak Qismat (Full Video) | Ammy Virk | Sargun Mehta | Jaani | B Praak | Arvindr Khaira | Punjabi Songs - B Praak Lyrics Qismat Lyrics – Varinder Brar. Qismat badaldi vekhi main Ehhe jag badalda vekheya Main badalde vekhe apne Main … Published - 18 July 2017. Qismat Lyrics - Varinder Brar | Lok changey vassde hor bade Ja ohna de larh laggja ni Je shonkan maarhe kamma di Aaja seene jatt de laggja ni | Latest Punjabi song Qismat sung by Varinder Brar and music has given by The Kidd. Qismat badaldi vekhi main Ehhe jag badalda vekheya Main badalde vekhe apne Main Rabb badalda vekheya [x2] Sab kujh badal gaya mera Sab kujh badal gaya mera Chal jar hi javangi Ve je hun tu vi badal gaya Main te… Ve je hun tu vi badal gaya Main te mar hi javangi [x3] Ho qismat badaldi vekhi main Ehhe jag badalda vekheya Main badalde vekhe apne Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk are featured in the video track. Qismat Badal Gayee is the latest song which is sung by Sardool Sikander and Qismat Badal Gayee’s Lyrics are written by Bunty Bains. “Qismat” is the latest Punjabi song by Varinder Brar.The lyrics of this song is given by Varinder Brar.The music is given by The Kidd.This music is presented by Single Track Studios. Home; Punjabi; Its Okay God Qismat Badal Gayee Lyrics is available for you. Qismat Lyrics – The Punajbi song Qismat of Ammy Virk is sad punjabi Song starring Sargun Mehta, music composed by B Praak and lyrics are written by Jaani.. Qismat Lyrics. This song is released under copyright of Speed Records . The Music Video Of This Song Is Directed By Arvindr Khaira. Song Details: Song: Qismat Singer: Varinder Brar Qismat Lyrics: The Punjabi song is sung by Varinder Brar, and has music by The Kidd while Varinder Brar has written the Qismat Lyrics.The music video of the Qismat song is directed by Sukh Sanghera. QISMAT LYRICS from AMMY VIRK – It is a latest Punjabi song ‘aka Kismat’ produced by B Praak with verses inked down by Jaani. Qismat. Qismat Song Lyrics Are Written By Jaani And Music Of This Song Is Produced By B Praak. QISMAT SONG LYRICS - AMMY VIRK Qismat Badaldi Vekhi Main Eh Jagg Badalda Vekheya Main Badalde Vekhe Appne Main Rab Badalda Vekheya Qismat Badaldi … Qismat Lyrics-Ammy Virk & Sargun Mehta & B Praak, HvLyRiCs and This Qismat Punjabi Song is Sung by Ammy Virk and Qismat Song Music Has Given by B Praak and Qismat Lyrics Has Written By Jaani & Featuring By Ammy Virk & Sargun Mehta in This new Punjabi Song. Qismat Lyrics - B Praak Qismat badaldi vekhi main Ehe jagg badalda vekheya Main badalde vekhe appne Main rab badalda vekheya Qismat Song Lyrics : Qismat Is A Punjabi Song Which Is Sunged By Ammy Virk. You can read here line to line English translation of song’s lyrics. Punjabi song Qismat Lyrics has written by virinder Brar and directed by Sukh Sanghera. August 15, 2020 August 15, 2020 Nepali Songs Lyrics 0 Comments Qismat lyrics, Qismat lyrics - Ammy Virk, Qismat lyrics and chords, Qismat lyrics by Ammy Virk, Qismat lyrics in english, Qismat lyrics in hindi, Qismat lyrics in punjabi, Qismat lyrics karaoke, Qismat lyrics songs, Qismat lyrics translation, Quismat badal di vaikhi mai lyrics | Qismat Song Lyrics